June 17, 2023

Unveiling the Enormous Net Worth of Gulzar – A Living Legend of Indian Cinema 


In the world of Indian cinema, Gulzar is a living legend. He has left a significant mark in the film industry through his exceptional talent of writing, directing, and producing movies. But what about his net worth? Have you ever wondered how much this iconic personality is worth?

Let’s dive into the world of Gulzar and unveil the enormous net worth of this living legend of Indian cinema.

Gulzar’s Early Life

Gulzar was born as Sampooran Singh Kalra in Dina, Punjab, in 1934. After the partition of India in 1947, he moved to Mumbai with his family, where he found his calling in the film industry. Initially, he worked as a car mechanic and was even a part-time worker in a garage while writing poetry in his free time.

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Gulzar’s career took off in the late 1950s, where he started working as a lyricist for various films. His hard work and dedication paid off, and he received many accolades for his work. He later went on to become a director and producer and has since then directed many iconic films.

Gulzar’s Net Worth

Gulzar’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, which comes as no surprise considering his vast contribution to Indian cinema. His income comes from various sources, including his work as a lyricist, director, producer, screenwriter, and more.

Awards and Recognitions

Over the years, Gulzar has received numerous awards and recognition for his contribution to the Indian film industry. He has won the prestigious Academy Award for the best-original song for ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ He has also been honored with four National Film Awards, Twenty-one Filmfare Awards, and one Grammy Award.

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Gulzar’s Contribution Towards Literature

Apart from his contribution to the film industry, Gulzar is also a renowned writer. He has written many books, including poetry, short stories, and novels. His books are widely read and are known for their simplicity and meaningful content.

Gulzar has also translated the works of many famous poets into Hindi, including the works of Rabindranath Tagore and Mirza Ghalib.


1. What is Gulzar’s source of income?

Gulzar’s primary source of income is from his work as a lyricist, director, screenwriter, and producer in the film industry.

2. What awards has Gulzar won?

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Gulzar has won four National Film Awards, twenty-one Filmfare Awards, one Grammy Award, and one Academy Award.

3. What is the estimated net worth of Gulzar?

Gulzar’s estimated net worth is around $50 million.

4. What are some of Gulzar’s famous works?

Gulzar has written many famous works of literature, including poetry, short stories, and novels. He has also translated the works of many famous poets into Hindi.

5. What is Gulzar’s real name?

Gulzar’s real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra.

6. What is Gulzar’s contribution to the Indian film industry?

Gulzar has contributed to the Indian film industry as a lyricist, director, screenwriter, and producer.

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7. What is Gulzar’s reputation in the film industry?

Gulzar is regarded as a living legend of Indian cinema and is highly respected in the industry.


In conclusion, Gulzar’s enormous net worth is justified considering his contribution to the Indian film industry and literature. He has won numerous awards and recognition throughout his career and has left an indelible mark in the hearts of his fans. With his exceptional talent, Gulzar continues to inspire and leave his legacy for generations to come.

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